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If you’re a Hunger Games fan as much as I am, you might want to consider some Hunger Games Character Names if and when you’re choosing a name for your baby…or pet, or gaming characters! As we approach the release of the new Hunger Games prequel film, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, I’m reminded of how whimsical and appropriate the character names are from the Hunger Games novels by author Suzanne Collins.

Many come from Ancient Greek philosophers and politicians, which were then featured in the works of William Shakespeare. Some come from nature, like Katniss and Primrose. Many are “charactonyms” – names that describe the character’s personality, like Blight, Chaff, and Thresh. It’s clear Suzanne Collins put a lot of thought behind naming her characters for this rich post-apocalyptic world she created.

What is your favorite Hunger Games character and do you love their name? Here is a full list of characters for your inspo:

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Katniss Everdeen – Protagonist, 16-year-old girl from the Seam in the 12th District of Panem.

Gale Hawthorne – Friend of Katniss, resident of District 12

Peeta Mellark – Katniss’s partner in the Hunger Games

Primrose (Prim) Everdeen- Katniss’s sister

Haymitch Abernathy – Hunger Games mentor to Katniss and Peeta

Mrs. Everdeen (no name) – Katniss and Prim’s mother

Greasy Sae – District 12 resident, soup kitchen

Hazelle Hawthorne – Gale’s mother

Finnick Odair – District 4 Tribute

Annie Cresta – District 4 Tribute, girlfriend of Finnick

Rue – District 11 Tribute

Madge Undersee  – Daughter of the Mayor of District 12 Capitol

Coriolanus Snow – President of Panem, Protagonist of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Effie Trinket – Chaperone for the Hunger Games

Cinna – Stylist, Katniss Everdeen

Portia – Stylist, Peeta Mellark

Octavia – Prep Team, Katniss

Venia – Prep Team, Katniss

Flavius – Prep Team, Katniss

Lavinia – Avox servant

Seneca Crane – Head Gamemaker, 74th Hunger Games

Plutarch Heavensbee – Head Gamemaker, 75th Hunger Games

Caesar Flickerman – Capitol reporter, interviewer

Claudius Templesmith – Gamemaker, Announcer


Marvel – District 1

Cashmere – District 1

Gloss – District 1

Cato – District 2

Clove – District 2

Brutus – District 2

Enobaria – District 2

BeeTee – District 3

Wiress – District 3

Mags – District 4

Johanna Mason – District 7

Blight – District 7

Cecilia – District 8

Woof – District 8

Thresh – District 11

Seeder – District 11

Chaff – District 11

Other Characters

Alma Coin – President of District 13

Boggs – Bodyguard, Katniss Everdeen

Cressida – Director of the rebels’ propaganda shorts (propos)

Castor – Camera crew

Pollux – Camera crew, Avox

Paylor – President of District 13 after Coin

Delly Cartwright – District 12 resident

Twill – Escapee from District 8

Bonnie – Escapee from District 8

Romulus Thread – Head Peacekeeper of District 12

Darius – District 12 Peacekeeper, turned Avox

Maysilee Donner – District 12 Tribute (with Haymitch)

Messalla – Member of Squad 451

Jackson – Member of Squad 451

Mitchell – Member of Squad 451

Homes – Member of Squad 451

Leeg 1 – Sister, last name Leeg. Member of Squad 451

Leeg 2 – Sister, last name Leeg. Member of Squad 451

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Coriolanus Snow – (see above), in these novels it begins when Coriolanus is 18 years of age

Lucy Gray Baird – Female tribute from District 12. It’s ironic that Lucy is described as “loving color” having a middle name Gray.

Sejanus Plinth – Sejanus is one of Coriolanus’s classmates and a mentor in the Hunger Games. Coriolanus and many of his classmates treat Sejanus coldly, as Sejanus isn’t Capitol-born.

Tigris Snow – Coriolanus’s female cousin, who lives with him and the Grandma’am since the war.

Dr. Volumnia Gaul – Head Gamemaker, and manager of the science lab that produces muttations, modified animals intended to be used as weapons.

Dean Casca Highbottom – The dean of students at the Academy, and inventor of the Hunger Games.

Crassus Snow – Father of Coriolanus; deceased.

Strabo Plinth – Munitions magnate from District 2.

Mrs. Plinth “Ma” – Ma is Sejanus’s mother and Strabo Plinth’s wife.

Jessup Diggs – The male tribute from District 12.

Marcus – Male tribute from District 2.

Pluribus Bell – An old friend of the Snow family. He and his partner used to run a nightclub, but since the war, Pluribus has been making his living selling black market items.

Clemensia Dovecote – Coriolanus’s close friend and a mentor in the Hunger Games.

Lysistrata Vickers – Coriolanus’s friend, who mentors Jessup from District 12.

Arachne Crane – A classmate of Coriolanus and the mentor to Brandy, the girl from District 10.

Bobbin – Male tribute from District 8.

Lucky Flickerman – Weatherman with the Capitol News Network, and eventual host the 10th Annual Hunger Games.

Lepidus Malmsey – A young reporter with the Capitol News who’s assigned to cover the Hunger Games.

Brandy – Female tribute from District 10.

Festus Creed – Coriolanus’s classmate and good friend.

Persephone Price – Coriolanus’s classmate.

Pollo and Didi Ring – Twin classmates of Coriolanus, mentors to the tributes from District 6.

Dr. Wane – A doctor at one of the Capitol hospitals.

Reaper – Male tribute from District 11.

Mayfair Lipp – Mayor Lipp’s daughter.

Mayor Lipp – Mayor of District 12.

Maude Ivory – The youngest member of the Covey in District 12, and cousin to Lucy Gray and Barb Azure.

Billy Taupe – Former member of the Covey, and Lucy Gray’s former lover.

Arlo Chance – Rebel in District 12.

Bug – A bunkmate of Coriolanus, and fellow Peacekeeper in District 12.

Dr. Kay – The assistant scientist in Dr. Gaul’s lab.

Lil – A District 12 resident and sister to Spruce.

Spruce – A rebel in District 12 and Lil’s brother.

Commander Hoff – Commander Hoff runs the Peacekeepers’ base in District 12.

Livia Cardew – A classmate of Coriolanus, mentor to District 1 male tribute.

Lamina – The female tribute from District 7.

Gaius Breen – A classmate of Coriolanus, and mentor in the Hunger Games.

Pup Harrington – A classmate of Coriolanus, and mentor to Wovey.

Nero Price – Persephone’s father. Coriolanus saw Nero hack the leg off of a maid who died in the street of the cold, during the war – and assumed it was to feed his family.

Wovey – The female tribute from District 8.

Beanpole – Beanpole is a Capitol boy who joins the Peacekeepers in District 12 with Coriolanus.

Smiley – A bunkmate of Coriolanus, and fellow Peacekeeper in District 12.

Tam Amber – A musician who plays the mandolin in the Covey, found in a box as an infant.

Clerk Carmine – Billy Taupe’s brother, and fiddle player in the Covey.

Barb Azure – The bass player in the Covey.

Vipsania Sickle – One of Coriolanus’s classmates and the mentor for Treech from District 2.

Hilarius Heavensbee – Classmate of Coriolanus and mentor to Wovey in the Hunger Games.

Coral – Female tribute from District 4.

Domitia Whimsiwick – Tanner’s mentor in the Hunger Games.

Io Jasper – Classmate of Coriolanus, and Circ’s mentor in the Hunger Games.

Circ – Male tribute of District 3.

Urban Canville – Teslee’s mentor in the Hunger Games and one of Coriolanus’s classmates.

Treech – Male tribute from District 7.

President Ravinstill – President of Panem.

Felix Ravinstill – Dill’s mentor in the Hunger Game, and the son of the president.

Juno Phipps – Bobbin’s mentor in the Hunger Games.

Mizzen – Male tribute from District 7.

Tanner – Male tribute from District 10.

Dill – Female tribute from District 11.

Sol – Female tribute from District 5.

Iphigenia Moss – Sol’s mentor in the Hunger Games.

Professor Crispus Demigloss – Teaches history at the Academy.

Professor Agrippa Sickle – The physical education professor at the Academy.

Professor Satyria Click – Coriolanus’s mentor and professor at the Academy.

Cookie – The Peacekeeper cook at the District 12 base.

Teslee – Tribute from District 3.

Jennifer Moss (she/her) is the founder of BabyNames.com, author of The Baby Names Workbook, and Producer of The Baby Names Podcast. Jennifer is widely regarded as the leading expert on popular baby name trends and the naming process, serving as the authoritative source on the subject for national and international media.

Jennifer entered the tech arena in the 80s as a software developer and database architect, and became a pioneer in the Internet industry. In addition to operating BabyNames.com, Jennifer owns a web development agency in central California.

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