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Toddler20 Amazing Podcasts for Kids

20 Amazing Podcasts for Kids

The best podcasts for kids can help pass the time on your next family road trip without banking a lot of screen time. Even if you’re getting ready for summer travel, flying with kids can be a whole lot easier if your child is immersed in a great podcast.

There are plenty of great podcasts for each age group: podcasts for preschoolers, podcasts for toddlers, podcasts for middle schoolers and even podcasts for teens. Make podcasts a part of your bedtime routine or, maybe, a special treat to listen to after dinner. They’re truly a unique form of entertainment without sensory overload and they’re a great option for any time.

The best podcasts for toddlers

Your busy tot is sure to slow down (for at least a few minutes) when you press play on these super engaging pods. From modern fairy tales to kid-focused queries, here’s what to queue up when you need a break from planning those 2-year-old activities.

girl tales podcast

This is not your average fairy tale. Reimagined tales of adventure featuring familiar heroines take place in this podcast that’s all about female empowerment.


brains on pod

Have you ever wondered why dogs wag their tails? This podcast features a kid co-host every week and together they explore different curiosities about our world. There’s songs, sounds and lots of cool facts.

earth rangers pod

Earth Ranger Emma is on a mission to travel the world and discover all of the secrets of the animal kingdom and nature’s mysteries. There are games, conservation conversations and more.

The best podcasts for preschoolers

For the 3- to 5-year-old set, story-focused podcasts are a perfect quiet-time activity when they start to refuse all naps but still need a brain break. Help them settle down with a good yarn.

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circle round pod

An adaptive podcast that takes select folktales and transforms them into “sound- and music-rich” radio sets. Each episode is about 10-20 minutes long and they explore different issues such as kindness.

noodle loaf pod

This is an interactive music education podcast for kids. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and there are interactive elements. Winner of the Common Sense Media Selection seal for their quality kids content.

The best podcasts for kids

Your school-aged kid is figuring out what they’re passionate about—and we’re betting there’s a podcast out there to feed their interests. From kid-authored stories to Greek mythology and scientific wonders, you’ll both love listening together during downtime.

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The best podcasts for middle schoolers

Your tween isn’t too old to find a podcast that fosters their curiosity and creativity. Give them a gentle nudge to check out a few of our picks below—you might just have to turn one on in the car together first.

The Best Podcasts for Teens

Your almost-grown kiddo might relish in the discovery of a podcast that they feel truly speaks to them. Help them understand the importance of teen mental health, figure out what it means to be an adult, learn about fascinating discoveries, break down famous historical figures or what’s new in pop culture.

A version of this story was originally published on May 11, 2023. It has been updated.

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