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PostpartumAre You a Multitasking Pro? These 6 Feeding Products Were Made For...

Are You a Multitasking Pro? These 6 Feeding Products Were Made For You

If you want to learn how to get more done in less time, ask a mama. As the masters of multitasking, it’s not unusual to see a mom pumping breast milk, sending off a few emails and playing with her baby doing tummy time. That’s not to say that multitasking is always easy, but with the right tools, it definitely can be easier to check a few tasks off the list at one time. 

Especially during the first year of your baby’s life when feeding can occupy a big chunk of your daily schedule, it’s a game-changer when you have the option to multitask while pumping or preparing bottles. With solutions inspired by babies, designed for real parents and backed by pediatricians, Dr. Brown’s® has products to help during every step of your first-year feeding journey. (And beyond!) 

Because, here’s the thing: Multitasking can get a bad rap. But, for most of us, it’s a way to create space for the things that matter most—like being present with your baby during nursing or bottle-feeding sessions, making memories with your family and making space for self-care.

If you’re determined to make the most of every moment by strategically multitasking, these six feeding products were made for you.

AC045 Product F ElectricSterilizer Gray


Throughout the day, you can expect your bottle-fed baby to go through about four to six bottles, which can create quite the task when you need to sanitize them in addition to cleaning them. Make the task easier by popping all the bottles, bottle parts and even pacifiers into this countertop sterilizer that works in less than 10 minutes.

Dr. Brown’s™ Customflow™ Double Electric Breast Pump


The No. 1 product that can make a pumping mama’s life easier? A pump that can keep up with your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. With multiple lactation and expression modes and gentle breast shields, this double pump is made to work for you—no matter your milk flow or breast shape. At less than 2 lbs., it’s also easy to take with you. And, if you need to pause it, you can do that and then pick back up where you left off with the same timer and settings.

Dr. Brown’s® Deluxe Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer


Compact and easy to use, this handy tool allows you to “set it and forget it” while your baby’s bottle is warming up with electric steam. You can program it for different bottle sizes and even food jars once your little one is ready for solids. Better yet, it pulls double-duty by also being able to sanitize bottles and pacifiers!

Dr. Brown’s® Milestones™ Sippy Bottle with Silicone Handles


Feeding your baby is a sweet bonding experience… But with so many feeding sessions each day, it is nice when they are able to hold the bottle on their own and give you some time back. Designed for ages 6+ months, this sippy bottle is the perfect way to help them transition to using a cup and is much easier for little hands to grasp. The removable handles can even fit onto other narrow bottles and cups.

Dr. Brown’s™ Hands Free Pumping Bra


This is perhaps the essential tool for multitasking, pumping mamas. By allowing you to go hands-free while expressing milk, you truly can get more done whenever and wherever you need to pump. Designed to fit most electric pumps and available in flexible sizes, this is a great addition to your pumping toolkit.

Dr. Brown’s™ Manual Breast Pump with SoftShape™ Silicone Shield


When you’re pumping, you don’t always want (or need) the commitment of a full electric pumping session. Enter: The comfortable and effective manual pump that’s perfect for quickly expressing milk without cords and tubes. A great option to take when you’re out and about, this pump should perfectly fit inside your diaper bag.

See more great pumping and feeding solutions for multitasking moms on Dr. Brown’s® website.

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