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baby names by monthBest April Baby Names 2022

Best April Baby Names 2022

April is a fun month to have a baby for many reasons. It’s the time of the year many people celebrate a variety of traditional and non-traditional holidays including Easter, April Fool’s Day, and Major League Baseball’s opening day. Not to mention, it’s the true awakening of spring, which means beauty in the form of flowers and green grass are popping up all around us.

Perhaps it’s the excitement that comes with spring that makes babies born in April endlessly enthusiastic and adventurous. Not to mention that research shows that natural-born leaders—who are both ambitious and passionate—are born in April, leading them to pursue a variety of career paths. This, of course, makes the journey of their life so much fun and unpredictable. That’s why these 20 names for your April baby will pave the way for their success. Read on for our favorite April baby names.

Gender-Neutral April Baby Names

Jackie: In honor of the MLB season, naming your little one after Jackie Robinson is a great idea. Not just because of his athletic ability, but for all that he did to help break racial boundaries in the professional sport by becoming the first African American MLB player.

Birdie: The sound of birds chirping can be easily associated with spring, making this name an adorable option for either a boy or girl.

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Rainn: You know the saying: “April showers bring May flowers,” making the name Rain (or Rainn) a super cute choice.

Hayden: Actor Hayden Christensen celebrates his birthday on April 19, giving you all the more reason to use this super cute name.

April Girl Baby Names

Diamond: April’s birthstone makes for a perfect name.

Avril: This gorgeous moniker translates to April in French.

Daisy: Recently made popular again after Katy Perry named her baby girl Daisy, this name, which is also the flower for the month of April, is so sweet and timeless.

Dima: This stunning and unique name means rain in Arabic.

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Flora: This feminine name, of Latin origin, means flower.

Saoirse: If you’re looking for something truly unique, this is a gorgeous option in honor of famous Irish actress Saoirse Ronan who celebrates her birthday on April 12.

April: This one speaks for itself.

Gal: Gal Gadot was born on April 30, just two days before National Superhero Day.

April Boy Baby Names

Attwell: This unique name means “lives by the spring.”

Jarek: This not-so-common name, of Polish origin, means spring.

Channing: Giving birth in April, the birth month of Channing Tatum, is a perfect reason to name your little one after the actor.

Hudson: Hollywood star Kate Hudson celebrates her birthday on April 19. Instead of going with a classic Kate (which is also highly encouraged), you can put a spin on it and name your little boy Hudson.

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Buddy: Whether used as a full name or a nickname, this adorable moniker could be a reference to the flowers that bud in the spring.

Verdi: This Italian name, meaning green, is perfect for April.

Maxwell: This always classic and popular name means “Mack’s Spring” in Scottish.

Neo: The Latin name, meaning new, is a perfect choice for April.

A version of this story was published in April 2021. It has been updated.

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