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baby names by month70 Beautiful Irish Baby Names

70 Beautiful Irish Baby Names

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, mama! As you anxiously and eagerly wait for your four-leaf clover’s arrival, you’ve probably begun brainstorming potential baby names. Unbeknownst to you, there’s a strong chance that several of those names are of Celtic origin. Irish baby names are timeless, colorful (just like a rainbow) and whimsical yet immensely strong. Not to mention, full of the luck of the Irish! When you hear monikers like Aileen, Donovan, Saorise and Lennon, it’s easy to see why Irish names are becoming more and more desired.

In case you’re a wee bit interested in hearing more, we compiled three lists of boy, girl, and gender neutral Irish baby names to help spark inspiration. These adorable Irish baby names are as lucky as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Here are 70 Irish baby names that would be perfect for your little one.

Irish baby boy names

1. Adam

This Hebrew name meaning “son of the earth” is a common Irish name.

2. Ansel

Germanic origin meaning “God” and “protector.”

3. Brady

A family name that’s derived from Mac Brádaigh, which means “son of Brádaigh.” Brádaigh is believed to come from the old Irish, bradach, which refers to someone with a fiery personality.

4. Connor

Believed to be from the Irish Gaelic name Conchobhar, whose meaning is taken to be “hunter.”

5. Daniel

Taken from the Gaelic name Domhnall, meaning attractive.

6. David

Derived from the Gaelic, Daithi, which means “beloved” or “swift.”

7. Declan 

From the Irish, Déaglán, which means “full of goodness.”

8. Dillon (or Dylan)

Meaning lion-like or loyal.

9. Donovan

Taken from the Irish family name, O’Donnabhain. It means, “dark” or “brown-haired chieftain.”

10. Emmett

The name of Irish patriot, Robert Emmet.

11. Finley 

Meaning “fair-haired courageous one.”

12. Finn

From the Irish Fionn, who was a mythical Irish folktale hero. Finn means, “fair.”

13. Finnegan

From the Irish last name, Ó Fionnagáin. Also, means “fair” or “fair-haired.”

14. Jack

Meaning, “God is gracious.” Jack is a historically popular name in Ireland.

15. James

The English version of the Irish name Seamus, which means “supplanter.”

16. John

The English version of Sean, which means “wise” or “old.”

17. Kevin

From the Irish name Caoimhín, which means “handsome.”

18. Killian

From the Celtic word ceallach, which translates to “bright-headed” and “little warrior.”

19. Liam

Meaning “strong-willed warrior” and “protector.” Taken from the Irish name, Uilliam.

20. Luke

Meaning “light” and “light-giving.”

21. Mark

Meaning “war-like” or “God of war.”

22. Matthew

The Irish version of Matthew is Maitiú. Of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift of God.”

23. Michael

The Irish version of Michael is, Mícheál. Michael means, “who is like God?”

24. Murphy

A Gaelic name meaning “warrior of the sea.”

25. Patrick 

Taken from the Celtic name, Padraig. Patrick means “noble” and “patrician.”

26. Seamus

The Irish version of James.

27. Sean (or Shane, Shaun, Shawn)

The Irish form of John.

28. Stephen (or Steven)

A widely popular name in Ireland. It has Greek origins and means “garland” or “crown.”

29. Thomas

Meaning “twin.”

Irish baby girl names

30. Aileen

Meaning “bright, shining light.”

31. Aisling

Meaning “dream” or “vision.”

32. Birdie

A popular vintage nickname that’s making a comeback meaning “bird.”

33. Brianna

Meaning “high,” “noble” or “exalted.” The feminine version of Brian.

34. Cassidy

Of Irish-origin and believed to be derived from the Irish surname, Ó Caiside. It means “curly-haired.”

35. Ciara

Of Irish-origin, meaning “little dark one.”

36. Deidra

A popular name in Gaelic history and mythology, it means “sorrowful or broken-hearted.”

37. Delaney

From the Irish family name, Ó Dubhshláin. It means “dark challenger.”

38. Kaitlyn 

The English version of the Irish name Caitlin, which means “pure.”

39. Kathleen

Kathleen appears in many patriotic Irish songs. Derived from Kaitlyn and also means “pure.”

40. Kayleigh

Believed to be from the Irish, “caol.” It means “slender” or “fair.”

41. Keira

The English version of the Irish name Ciara.

42. Kelley

Of Irish-origin meaning “war,” “lively” and “bright-headed.”

43. Kennedy

Believed to be from the Gaelic surname Cinnéidigh, which means “helmeted chief.”

44. Maeve

Appears in Irish mythology and means “intoxicating” or “she who rules.”

45. Makenna

From the Irish surname “Mac Cionaoith,” it means to “son of Kenneth.”

46. Maura

Meaning “star of the sea.”

47. Molly 

Popular name in Gaelic folklore and also means “star of the sea.”

48. Nora

Taken from both Honora and Eleanor and means “light.”

49. Orla

Taken from the Celtic name Órfhlaith which translates to “golden princess.”

50. Patricia

The female version of Patrick.

51. Peyton

Another variant of Patrick meaning “fighting man’s estate.”

52. Saoirse

Gaelic word for “freedom.”

53. Shaileen

Taken from the Gaelic “Séaghdha” which means “stately, majestic and courteous.”

54. Shannon

Meaning “old and wise”.

55. Shayla

Gaelic name meaning “from the fairy palace.”

56. Sorcha 

The Irish version of Sarah meaning “clear” or “bright.”

Irish baby names that are gender-neutral 

57. Darci

Meaning “dark-haired” or descendant of the dark.”

58. Erin

Meaning, “Ireland” or “land to the west.”

59. Fallon

Of Irish origin and meaning “superior” or “descended from a ruler.”

60. Jaime (or Jamie)

Of Celtic origin and meaning “supplanter.”

61. Jordan

Originally of Hebrew origin but adopted to the Gaelic as Mac Siúrtáin after the Norman invasion of 1172.

62. Lennon

Meaning “lover.”

63. Quinn

The English version of old Irish family names, Ó Coinn and Ó Cuinn. It means “wise,” “sense” or “reason.”

64. Regan

From the Irish surname Ua Riagáin which means “king” or “sovereign.” 

65. Riley (or Rylee)

Derived from an Irish last name meaning “courageous” or “valiant.”

66. Rory

The English version of the Gaelic, Ruairí or Ruaidhrí which means “red king.”

67. Rowan

From the Irish name Ruadhán which means “red-haired.”

68. Ryan 

Derived from the Irish surname O’Riain which means “little king.”

69. Sloane

English version of the Irish clan name Ó Sluaghhadáin which means “raider” or “warrior.”

70. Teagan

From the Gaelic Ó Tadhgáin which means “poet,” “attractive” and “philosopher.”

A version of this post was published March 9, 2022. It has been updated.

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