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baby names by month20 March Baby Names for Your Spring Flower

20 March Baby Names for Your Spring Flower

March babies, like all newborns, are special in their own way. These little ones are born at the end of winter as everyone eagerly awaits spring and summer. But it’s not just the obvious that makes these babies extra unique. According to a study done by Economic Letters in October 2012, research showed that a large number of CEOs around the world were born in March. Can you say, “natural-born leader”?

Harvard University scientists also conducted a study in January 2006 that showed March babies tend to have happy and optimistic personalities, and a separate sleep study done in March 2009 suggested that babies born in the spring and summer are often night owls. If you’re looking for a name that reflects some or all of these qualities, or one that is somehow specific to the third month of the year, these 20 March baby names are perfect.

Gender neutral March baby names

1. Reese

The beloved actress Reese Witherspoon was born on March 22, 1976. In her honor, name your little one after the mega-talented star.

2. Sunny

When people think spring, they likely think sunshine, making this name a sweet choice for a baby born in March.

3. Rain

Yet another weather-related name that is spot-on for a spring babe.

4. March

Straightforward inspiration! It works for any gender.

March names for boys

5. Pascal

For those who celebrate the holiday, this name meaning Easter is a unique choice.

6. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17 every year, so this name is a no-brainer for those who celebrate it.

7. Neo

This name, meaning new, is a fantastic way to symbolize the season.

8. Justin

Justin Bieber has come a long way from child star, and he’s gained more popularity with the older crowd as he’s matured. Seeing as how he’s a March baby, it’s the perfect excuse to go with the classic boy’s name Justin for your little one.

9. Michael

Ever wanted to name your son after the always hilarious Michael Scott from “The Office?” The character celebrates his birthday on March 15.

10. Asher

This male name meaning “new beginning” is a perfect fit for the freshness that the springtime provides.

11. Owen

The name Owen has been popular for some time now, and with the meaning, “youthful, lamb of spring,” March is a great time to birth a baby Owen.

March names for girls

12. Aviva

This Hebrew name means springlike, dewy, and fresh.

13. Iris

This name, meaning rainbow, is a beautiful way to embrace the time of year your baby was born.

14. Daffy

With the daffodil being the flower of the month, this unique spin on the name makes for an adorable moniker.

15. Lily

In 2020, “Emily In Paris” was all the rage on Netflix, making actress Lily Collins more popular than ever. The actress celebrates her birthday on March 18. The name is also one of a gorgeous flower that begins to bloom in March.

16. Cecelia or CeCe

Any fan of “The Office” can rattle off the name of Jim and Pam’s kids, but only a loyal viewer knows when their little ones celebrate their fictional birthdays. Lucky for those who love the sitcom, the beloved faux couple’s eldest daughter, CeCe, was born on March 4, giving fans the perfect excuse to name their baby after a character on one of their favorite shows.

17. Stefani

Your little one will embrace the motto “Born This Way,” if you choose this name in honor of Lady Gaga, who was born on March 28.

18. Eva

This always popular name has extra meaning for March babies who can claim to be named after Eva Mendes who was born on March 5, or Eva Longoria who celebrates on March 15.

19. Patricia

The female version of Patrick for the March 17 holiday.

20. Lorelei

While it isn’t her name in real life, Lauren Graham, best known for her role as Lorelei Gilmore on “Gilmore Girls,” celebrates her birthday on March 16.

A version of this post was published February 24, 2022. It has been updated.

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